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What is a generic top-level domain (or gTLD)?

gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) are just one of the domain types which make up the structure of the internet. Some common gTLDs which you are probably familiar with include .com, .net and .org. The term top-level relates to the single domain extension after the dot (e.g. as opposed to which is a second-level domain). They are normally intended for use globally (they are not restricted to specific territories) and for general use, whether for business, organisations or personal use.

Why are new gTLDs being released?

As the internet has matured, finding a suitable, relevant and meaningful domain name has become increasingly difficult due to fierce competition, high prices and the fact that the majority of memorable and concise domains are already registered and have been (and will probably remain registered) for a long time.

This is where the new gTLDs come into play - dozens of exciting new generic top-level domain names being released from 2014 onwards, struggling to find your ideal domain name is about to become a thing of the past with domain extensions such as .london, .uk, .club, .rocks and .blog set to reshape the architecture of the internet to create a more diverse, personalised and rewarding experience for the users for the internet, webmasters, online entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Visit our Domain Types & Prices page to see a full list of our domain types.

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Visit our Domain Types & Prices page to see a full list of our domain types.

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Registering a new top-level domain brings with it a huge range of benefits to both the individual and businesses than just the increased choice of domain names. Registering a new top-level domain name brings with it new possibilities and opportunities to boost & express your online presence or brand while increasing trust amongst your site visitors and protecting your online identity.

As the new top-level domains use generic extensions such as .bike, .email, .london choosing a memorable domain name which will relate to your websites target audience is about to become a lot easier. Whether you own a construction firm, have a London based company or are the author of a personal blog there are a variety of new domain names perfect for you (.construction, .london, .blog and .uk to name but a few), whatever your site subject or demographic.

Registering a new gTLD also allows you to set yourself apart from the competition by choosing a unique domain which accurately and clearly describes your website, making it easier for potential visitors, users and customers of your site and/or services to easily decide whether your site is for them or not at a glance. New gTLDs are also expected to improve search engine rankings by being more relevant and specific to a certain subject or community than previous domain types meaning that assuming you have carefully selected your new top-level domain name, struggling to appear in search rankings for your industry sector or website subject should also become a thing of the past.


Registering new gTLDs is the same as any other domain registration and operates on a first-come, first-served basis (once in the General Availability phase*). Simply enter the domain name which your want into our domain search to begin searching for your perfect domain extension. As the new gTLDs are being released in a staggered manner, some new domains will be available before others but you can pre-order any of the new gTLDs up to 90 days before their General Availability launch to give yourself a better chance of securing your domain name before someone else does.

* To protect registered brands & trademarks holders, the launch of the new gTLDs will first allow corporations and businesses who are copyright/trademark holders to bid for certain domain extensions such as company and brand names.


The exact pricing for many new generic top-level domains is yet to be confirmed but you can always check with us at the Domain Types & Prices or our Price List page. Alternatively to begin the process of obtaining your chosen domain name you can visit our Domain Search page to see which gTLDs are currently available at any given time and at what registration price.


Pre-orders will be submitted when the domains go live in the General Availability phase and assuming there are no pre-order or registration conflicts, registrations will be allocated by the registry on a first-come, first-served basis. We will submit pre-orders to the registry as soon as possible to maximise your chances of getting a new domain registration - so don't delay, place your domain pre-order now!

We will attempt to register your chosen domains for you but we cannot guarantee its availability due to potential competing registration attempts. Your payment method will not be charged until the General Availability launch day. If your pre-order attempt is unsuccessful, we will inform you via email and refund you in full.

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