Understanding cookies and their use on our websites
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Understanding cookies and their use on our websites

Privacy Policy

Your e-mail address is safe with us. We will not sell your e-mail address or any other personal information to any other companies. Your details specifically supplied to us for the purpose of a domain registration, a transaction or a service may be securely transmitted to official registrars, regulated bankers or service providers where we deem it necessary to fulfil your requirements. It is the practice of domain registration authorities to publish domain registration details (in the WHOIS). For some domain types you may opt-out of the WHOIS database using the Get Dotted Domains WHOIS Privacy Protection service.

"Get Dotted" is a division of Freeola Limited. All of your settings for Freeola Internet and Get Dotted Domains are held in your MyFreeola account which provides powerful features and allows instant changes to your settings.

Your MyFreeola Contact and Login Details can be changed from within your MyFreeola account.

Your E-mail Alerts and Subscriptions settings, for your login e-mail address and any other email addresses provided for your use by Freeola, can be changed from within your MyFreeola account. This allows you to decide which addresses are to receive alerts, and whether to opt into Freeola Bulletins.

Essential alerts, such as domain expiry reminders, will be sent to your login e-mail address regardless of your other settings. We cannot guarantee that you will receive these, but the same information is listed within your MyFreeola account.

If you establish a Chat & Gaming Profile, to enable you to take part in our competitions and contribute to our interactive sites, then this information will be made available to the public, but this does not include your real name or contact details.

Further information about Freeola's privacy policy is outlined as part of our General Terms & Conditions. Our Terms & Conditions are available to view or download in PDF format and can be found at http://freeola.com/legal/terms.php.

Note on the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide law on data protection and privacy, which comes into effect on May 25th 2018.

At Freeola we aim to minimise the personal information which we hold about you. We're in the process of updating our Privacy Policy and taking steps to ensure that we are GDPR compliant by the implementation date. A forthcoming Privacy Policy update will contain detailed information on the personal data that we collect, outline what we do with this information and describe how you can manage and view your data.

We're also putting in place Data Processing Agreements to make sure that our email and web hosting services meet the GDPR requirements, ensuring that our users are able to publish a valid privacy policy themselves.


In common with the practice of most major internet sites, when you browse the Freeola & Get Dotted network of websites, cookies will be stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files which allow websites to carry out a variety of useful functions and are widely-used across the internet. For example, they will be used to show you any products that have been placed in your online shopping trolley or to allow you to log in to an online account. They may also be used to personalise a website in order to improve your experience, to remember your settings and preferences and also to collect anonymous visitor usage statistics. These anonymous visitor statistics (also referred to as analytics) help webmasters to understand (and therefore manage and improve) the way that visitors interact with a website. By browsing our sites, you accept the use of cookies on your device.

Please note that we do not set any cookies from third-parties for the purpose of advertising.
Any cookies set by our websites are used solely to improve the functioning of our website.

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