Understanding cookies and their use on our websites

When you browse the Freeola & Get Dotted network of websites, cookies will be stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files which allow websites to carry out a variety of useful functions and are widely-used across the internet. For example, they will be used to show you any products that have been placed in your online shopping trolley or to allow you to log in to an online account. They may also be used to personalise a website in order to improve your experience, to remember your settings and preferences and also to collect anonymous visitor usage statistics. These anonymous visitor statistics (also referred to as analytics) help webmasters to understand (and therefore manage and improve) the way that visitors interact with a website. By browsing our sites, you accept the use of cookies on your device.

Please note that we do not set any cookies from third-parties for the purpose of advertising.
Any cookies set by our websites are used solely to improve the functioning of our website. You can find a list of the various cookies that can be set by our websites below.

Cookies used across Freeola & Get Dotted websites

  • shopping-cart
    Used by the Freeola ordering system to determine what items exist in the trolley.
  • adsl_sessionid
    Used by the Freeola Broadband ordering system to reference any options chosen (such as ADSL package and additional equipment).
  • signup
    Used to remember the choice of e-mail/web address when signing up for Freeola 500.
  • authed/authep
    Used to ensure the user is logged in to the correct MyFreeola account, additionally to display logged in user details on the site.

Analytics & Statistics

  • _utm*
    Used by Google Analytics to collect statistical information about how visitors use our site.
  • futid
    Used for tracking by Freeola to gather data how individual web pages on the network perform.

General Functionality

  • PHPSESSID session
    Used to store various bits of data, such as previously entered form information and navigation menu choices.
  • redirect
    Used to determine which page to re-direct the user back to after logging into MyFreeola.
  • cookie_alert_shown
    Used to prevent the cookie alert shown on the user's first visit to the web site from appearing repeatedly.

* denotes a wildcard where many cookies may be set under the same prefix to store data for the same purpose.

Freeola Webmail Specific cookies

Essential Cookies

  • awm_autologin

    Used by Freedom Webmail to store the details of the e-mail account being accessed.

General Functionality

  • awm_defLang
    Used by Freedom Webmail to set the language in the webmail client.
  • wm_vert_resizer / wm_horiz_resizer / wm_hide_folders
    Used by Freedom Webmail to determine the display of messages, folders and details.

Freeola InstantPro Website Builder (inc. InstantPro Homepage)

General Functionality

  • site_address
    Used by the InstantPro Website Builder to remember which website is currently being worked on.
  • skyscraper_type
    Used by the InstantPro Website Builder to remember which type of skyscraper has been selected.
  • TinyMCE_*
    Used by the InstantPro Website Builder to remember WYSIWIG editor settings.

* denotes a wildcard where many cookies may be set under the same prefix to store data for the same purpose.

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