Beginner's guide to domain names
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Beginner's guide to domain names
Domain Names

The Beginner's
Guide to...

...Internet Addresses, Domain Names, Websites & Email Addresses.

Whether you're a big family or a small business it's surprisingly cheap to get an internet address and to create an online presence for years to come. And if you buy a cheap unlimited Broadband service from Freeola, the price includes professional quality internet services such as free email, free web hosting and free InstantPro website builder; all via our £12 Back per month deal.

So just how cheap and easy is it and what does all this jargon mean? Most of this page is dedicated to helping you through the basic steps, but firstly let's dismiss a couple of myths:

  • It's not difficult to set up your own email addresses, such as [email protected], or [email protected], or to build a website using an instant site builder such as Freeola InstantPro. Even building an online shop or an impressive photo gallery is relatively quick and easy with InstantPro's drag-and-drop facilities.
  • It's not expensive to run fifty or more bespoke email addresses and one or two websites for your family, club or business. These facilities are free with Freeola's £15.95 Unlimited Broadband package or can be added for as little as £2 plus VAT for the email and £3.85 plus VAT for a website.

There is one word to look out for where possible and that's "unlimited". Unlimited is part of our philosophy here at Freeola and GetDotted. Most things are cheap or free, unlimited, professional and robust; using state of the art equipment at secure data centres around the UK.

Please read on for all your basic questions answered, in one easy-to-read page.

Beginner's Guide to Internet Addresses

An internet address is made up of a number of parts - and this points you directly to the website/webpage that you would like to visit. One part of the internet address is the domain name, for example if you take a look in your address bar right now, you'll see; the part is our domain name!

Each website has a series of numbers (known as an IP address) identifying it, but these numbers aren't catchy or user friendly - so we use domains instead, which link to the IP address.

Beginner's Guide to Email at your Domain

Beginner's Guide to Websites

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