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Free Domain Privacy - Protect Your Personal Details

Domain WHOIS Opt-Out & Domain Privacy

Keep your personal contact details private and reduce spam and unwanted communications.

As standard with any domain name registrar, any domain names you purchase must show your personal details such as Name, Address and so on. These details are then made publicly viewable to anyone via the WHOIS database.

With GetDotted's WHOIS Domain Privacy service, you can prevent your personal details from appearing online, and depending on which domain name type you require this privacy, it could cost you nothing at all!

Free WHOIS Opt-Out is available for a few types of domains. This will prevent most of your personal details, like telephone numbers, email addresses from appearing on the WHOIS record, though your name will still be visible. As well as our free WHOIS Opt-Out service, other domain name types allow us to change the WHOIS record details so all your personal details (including your name), remain private, yet you still receive legitimate communications. Enhanced WHOIS Privacy is charged at £3.59 per year, but could be as cheap as £2.39 for a 5 year subscription.

Protect your personal details. Get WHOIS Privacy today!


WHOIS Domain Opt-Out

Domain WHOIS Opt-Out prevents your address details from appearing on the public WHOIS Database. Anyone who views the WHOIS record for your domain will be shown the registrant name and a message showing you've opted to prevent your address details from appearing. Domains ending with .UK can only opt-out if the domain name isn't being used for trading purposes. To protect all your registrant details, use Enhanced WHOIS Privacy instead. WHOIS Opt-Out is available on the following domain types:
from just £2.39 per year!

Enhanced WHOIS Privacy

Enhanced WHOIS Privacy is available to all registrant types and protects all your personal details (including your name), from appearing in the WHOIS database. Instead they will be replaced with private contact details which allows us to spam-check and vet any communications before they are sent to you. WHOIS Privacy is available on the following domain types:

Adding WHOIS Privacy to your domain name is easy!

Already got domains with Freeola & Get Dotted? All you need to do is login to your MyFreeola account, and visit the 'Domain Details' page where you'll be able to add privacy to your domains easily.

If you are looking to buy new domains then you can register domains from as little as £3.59 per year. You'll then be prompted during the checkout process to add privacy to your domain name order.

More Domain WHOIS Privacy benefits

For certain types of domain names (see above), you may now apply a free WHOIS Opt-Out to your domain. This allows you to hide your contact details (which normally appear in the public WHOIS domain register), so that marketing organisations and individuals cannot compromise your privacy. For some domain types like .uk domains (see above for extensive list), this free WHOIS opt-out is available. For others, our low-cost Domain WHOIS Privacy service is available from as little as £2.39 per year, and offers some great benefits:

Prevent your personal contact details appearing online.
Usually, your personal contact details would appear on the public WHOIS database, available for anyone to see. With WHOIS Privacy, we'll replace your personal details with private contact details.
Reduces spam & unwanted communications.
Because your personal details are hidden and replaced with private details, it makes it much more difficult for marketing organisations and individuals to gather any of your personal details.
Important messages will be forwarded to you.
With private details appearing instead of your personal contact details on the WHOIS database, any communication requests would prompt the user to submit their enquiries via an online contact form. Any contact submitted via this web form will then be forwarded onto your personal e-mail address.
Turn Privacy Protection on or off whenever you want.
As always, you get full control of any domain settings and features via your online control panel, MyFreeola, and this includes WHOIS Privacy. Once you've purchased your initial Domain Privacy subscription, you can turn privacy on and off at the click of a button from your MyFreeola account.

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