Domain Portfolio Discounts - The more domains you have, the cheaper the renewal fees!
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Domain Portfolio Discounts - The more domains you have, the cheaper the renewal fees!
get up to 40% off renewal fees

Domain Name Portfolio Discounts

Earn up to 40% off renewal fees and Domain Name Privacy

The more domains you add to your account, the bigger your domain portfolio discount

Here at, we like to reward our customers. So, not only do you get the incredible free unlimited services with each domain (also now boasting a free InstantPro Homepage Creator), but you can also save huge amounts of money on your domain renewal fees and Domain Privacy Protection added to your domains.

Taking advantage of the Domain Portfolio Discount scheme is the best way to get domain discounts and low renewal fees. Just login to your MyFreeola Account, where you'll be able to add domain names to your portfolio, and start benefitting from discounted domain renewals today.

The more domains you have with and Freeola, the more you save. For every domain you buy or transfer to host with Freeola, you will save another 2%. Get up to a maximum of 40% off renewal fees and privacy protection!

Add or Transfer Domain Names To Start Saving:

  • Login to the MyFreeola Control Panel.
  • Visit the 'Domain Names' section with MyFreeola.
  • Your domain will be listed here along with your current discount amount.
  • Click 'Add' to transfer in domains from other hosts or domains hosted on another MyFreeola account.
  • Just follow the onscreen prompts to add domains into your account.
  • Your domain discount will be increased automatically.

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